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Odor & Smoke Removal

IPI offers a service that will permanently alleviate odors, smoke and other indoor odor contaminants.  The service utilizes a safe and innovative product that has EPA approval.

This application specializes in the abatement of odors in commercial buildings and facilities.  It incorporates a safe solution to the hazards associated with indoor contaminants.  Our environmentally safe corrective procedure is effective in eliminating odors and odorous by-products.

The process is introduced through a fine mist fog neutralizing contaminants in the air and areas difficult to reach.  We also address the smells that impregnate textile flooring and furniture through an extraction system that incorporates the neutralizing product.

The system is efficient, cost controlled and involves a minimum amount of intrusion.  Typically, a service can be administrated in one night - the space can be occupied the next day.


Product Information

The product is an oxidizing formula specially developed to neutralize odors in the air, surfaces, structures and textiles.  It is safe to use in virtually any indoor application.  The process breaks down the contaminants into harmless molecules making the odor inert.  It is safe to apply to a wide array of materials leaving a neutral clean scent.  This patented technology, which was originally developed for the US Department of Energy, utilizes proprietary compounding for developing its use in commercial applications.  The product is biodegradable, registered with the US EPA and manufactured in a US EPA registered facility.

The formula displays the following characteristics:

      Rapid action

      Environmentally friendly

      Requires no special containment


      Compatible with interior finishes

IPI has a nationally renowned reputation for delivering maintenance solutions for commercial facilities.  We have over 20 years of history in applying innovative restorative services based on state of the art technologies and products.


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