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Periodic Deep Cleaning

Ultimately, the desired outcome of periodic deep cleaning of carpeting is to maximize cleanliness and appearance while not disrupting the integrity of the material.  IPI incorporates various techniques to achieve this. Every commercial carpet manufacturer recommends periodic deep cleaning procedures.  We are endorsed by both Nylon and Wool Manufacturers. 

Just as various areas of your office are subject to different uses, each area demands a different level of maintenance and care.  IPI will identify your overall facility needs and provide you with plans based on those needs. 

1. High Traffic (most attention) 

2. Medium Traffic 

3. Low Traffic (least attention) 

Maintenance Procedure 

1. Vacuuming/edge vacuuming 

  • Preliminary step to remove as much dry soil as possible 
  • Preparation for the subsequent maintenance procedures 
  • Equipment is designed to clean flush to the baseboard 

2. Power pile lifting 

  • Loosens and removes embedded soil that a vacuum cannot reach 
  • Grooms the carpet 

3. Deep cleaning procedure - low moisture or hot water extraction (depending on condition) 

  • Required to remove soiling which cannot be removed by daily maintenance 
  • Carpet is left cleaned and restored 
  • Low re-soiling factor, carpet stays cleaner for longer 

4. Spot cleaning problem areas 

  • Identify the spill (coffee, copy toner, salad dressing, etc.) 
  • Select an appropriate cleaning solution that is compatible to remove the spill 

Our recommended process will contribute to a healthy environment. IPI can provide maintenance tips for in-house janitorial services.  We can also provide recommended “spotting” techniques that can be used in-between service visits. 

Fiber Protector - IPI offers a fiber protection treatment making the everyday spills easier to remove. 


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