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Carpet Corrective

IPI has been performing Carpet Corrective Services for over 15 years. We primarily service a 100-mile radius around the New York City Metro area.  On request, we cover up to Boston and down to Washington D.C.  See attached map.

The Services we offer:

1)  Spray dye blending – corrects color variations that become obvious when joined at seams (side match).

  • Field blending will take a minimum of four hours as the dyes are applied in stages. 
  • The dyes are directed three to four feet outward from the “lighter side” of the seam in a decreasing concentration.
  •  The dyes instantly form a chemical bond with the fiber.
  • The process has virtually no odor.
  • This procedure can be done in a furnished office environment.

 2) Tile Back Bending – Process includes: pick-up existing tile, run through bending machine, re-glue and reinstall.  Office furniture “lift” system when appropriate.  Process will improve backing stability. 

 3) Tile Steaming and Brushing  - procedures to improve a “tile apparent” situation.

 4) Steam finishing – corrects pile crushing, pile reversal and compressed band lines. We introduce a safe, live steam temperature (200 – 220 degrees) with a 3-foot square steam head that will relax the yarn and enable us to re-orient the pile direction. This is followed by grooming the pile.  (This procedure cannot permanently correct “watermarking”)

 5)  Micro Shearing – Required when a tip shear product shows a texture inconsistency appearing at the seam due to shearing differences.  This can be remedied by random shearing a few feet outward from the seam.  The outcome is to visually blend the cut and loop texture.


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