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Environmental Initiatives

Use vacuum cleaners that have an imporved effectiveness with indoor air quality: 

  • high efficiency filtration traps 99% of contaminants dow to 0.3 micron 
  • triple lined bag filters 
  • routine machine maintenance to maximize filter functions. 

Cleaning products: 

  • have no VOC’s, boidegradable, environmentally preferred products. 
  • come in concentrated form to reduce waste and shipping impact. 
  • use green seal approved products and systems when possible. 

Use cleaning equipment that: 

  • dramatically reduce water usage - no waste water is generated 
  • has noise levels less than 70 dB at 6 feet. 
  • on going equipment maintenance for optimum effectiveness. 

Utilize low moisture/cleaning methods that: 

  • place minimal demands on the HVAC when compared to a process that creates humidity. 
  • requires small amounts of electricity when compared to a standard process. 
  • does not require water to be heated. 
  • does not require dryers to be used - saving additional energy. 

Restorative maintenance process (if necessary) 

  • hot water extraction could be recommened for uncommon situations 
  • equipmnent that utilizes 75% less water when compared to standard equipment 
  • utilizes environmentally preferred products 

Our office: 

  • recycles plastics, bottles and boxes. 
  • installed new lighting with additional energy efficiency. 
  • installed a “turn-down” thermostat for evenings and weekends. 
  • make effort to consolidate crews to minimized transportation/energy use 
  • comply with OSHA requirements. 
  • monitor products and methods for the health and well being of our personnel and clients. 



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